Sunday 25 September 2022
Golden Dragon Cup
Monday 28 April 2008
  • our Fabio "Soneca", winner in the prestige fight of submission grappling, organized by Sestito Academy;
  • Soneca won the fight, in 4 minutes, by submission -triangle choke- vs the opponent, the MMA Italy champion Luca Ronchetti, a very strong guy with MMA and grappling experience and a big judo background.
  • the Organization gave to Soneca the Golden Dragon Cup Belt and a very big trophy...with appointment for the next year !
  • a lot of people congratulated Soneca for his fight ! Satisfaction for the Gracie Bolzano and Alessandro too !
  • Thanks to the responsible for federation Vitaliano Sestito for the invitation and trust demonstrated.

Alessandro Federico

Fabio con il gigantesco trofeo e la cintura di Campione

Soneca non si smentisce...


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