Sunday 25 September 2022
Copa de Espaņa 2008
Tuesday 15 April 2008

Look at the photogallery, the images of our smashing adventure !

  • Mantide silver medal and Pantera bronz medal in the woman - medium category
  • Kéncìro, silver, in the absolute division white belt.
  • Very good performance for all the team members of Gracie Bolzano !!!

Our team after 2 hours sparring and training, at the Gracie Barcelona Academy, on thursday 04 april 2008.


In photo, from left to right:

  1. Kenciro, Pantera, Caimano, Simòn, Sérse, Trapecio,
  2. Mantide, Ale, Robin Gracie, Jesùs Espelta, Boudy, Soneca...
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